Authors and artists

Concept, director: Gennadiy Kurochka
Chief adviser: Nataliya Popovych

Composer, lyrics: Svyatoslav Lunyov
Lyrics: Yuriy Sak

Singers: Anastasia Bahinska, Oleksandr Podolyan
Violin: Varvara Vasilyevа, Oleksandra Khmara, Vadim Perig (students of Mykola Lysenko specialized music boarding school in Kyiv)

Svyatoslav Lunyov

Ukrainian composer Svyatoslav Lunyov is a winner of the L. M. Revyzkogo Prize (1997) and B. M Liatoshynsky Prize (2007) and a member of the Union of Composers of Ukraine. Svyatoslav Lunyov is the author of symphonic, chamber, choir, vocal and electro-acoustic musical works and also of a number of cinematic original scores.


Anastasia Bahinska
11 years, Kyiv region

This red-haired girl is a brilliant singer. Since the age of five, Anastasia decided to pursue her passion in music, entering the music school and starting to perform on stage. Anastasia sings in three languages, while her portfolio includes Ukrainian folk songs, international hits, jazz compositions as well as her own songs. She has also proved a competent character voice for films and cartoons, even though such an arduous task is usually given to experienced adult actors.13fbc7ba0f021541

Oleksandr (Sasha) Podolyan
12 years, Vinnytsia region

He is called a “diamond” and a “nightingale” of Vinnytsia. Despite his young age, Oleksandr gained fame as a gifted singer. He is an avid learner and walks to the music school in a neighboring village three times a week. After participating in TV talent shows, his powerful voice was recognized on a national scale.


Oleksandra Khmara
11 years, Kyiv

Oleksandra plays violin since the age of six. Her brilliant solo performances as well as part of an orchestra honed her skills as a musician. Over her music career, Oleksandra played Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Kreisler’s Prelude and Allegro, Bériot’s Ballet’s scenes.


Varvara Vasylyeva
12 years, Kyiv

Varvara is a Ukrainian violinist and a daughter of a priest. She is very young but played a range of music masterpieces already that made listeners all across Europe hold their breath. She performed at various stages in Belgium, Germany and France, hence Varvara and her mother are always on the road to another grateful audience somewhere.


Vadim Perig
11 years, Kyiv

Since his childhood Vadym exactly knew that he wants to become a musician when will grow up. When choosing the instruments to play on, he immediately chose a violin. As of today, he got some remarkable achievements on his list: Eugen Coca International Violin Competition (Moldova, 2015), 1 st prize Young Names of Ukraine Festival (Ukraine, 2015), laureate International Balys Dvarionas Competition (Lithuania, 2016), laureate International Violists Competition (Romania, 2016), laureate Vadym is fond of history of cars, cycling, swimming and world history.