At the forefront of freedom! Visuals

Ukrainians are born free because freedom has always been at the forefront of all processes in Ukraine. It was at the core of the country’s independence. This year, we celebrate a 25th anniversary of our independence, yet the history of Ukraine is not limited to this term; it has been longer and brighter. Thus the media campaign envisions the whole history of Ukraine – from the Kyivan Rus to modern days. We use sophisticated tools to highlight innovative and avant-garde elements that unite Ukrainian history with that of Europe and the whole story of human progress.

Everyone who fought for the Independence, as well as those who sacrificed their lives for freedom in the past and today, are born to be free. This is a fight for our identity and culture. Therefore, we shaped this campaign using Ukrainian avant-garde. Previously, this part of Ukrainian history and culture was largely overlooked in European and international context.

Ukraine. At the forefront of freedom!

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