Videos about talented children

The “Hop, Nederland, Hop!” campaign is the story about the talented Ukrainian children. It is an excellent example of successful young Ukrainians, who keep learning about this world and change it for the better.

The campaign is dedicated to Ukraine — EU Association Agreement referendum held on 6 April 2016 in the Netherlands.

13 children participated in the project.

According to the project idea, the children find themselves in a fairy tale — in a wonderful, charming and kind world of famous Dutch magnets that are available to the passengers on any KLM flight. It is a world in which everyone wants to live, work and do good things for others.

These children have endued all their feelings, smiles and talents in 10 great videos.

Having visited a fairy tale, children now dream of getting to Amsterdam and meeting with the real Netherlanders. Pretty soon their dream will come true.

To get a better feel of the Dutch culture and spirit, we invited two Dutch experts — Thed Lenssen, one of the best directors of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and Klaas Berings, an excellent arranger. They did their job brilliantly and brought a lot of great ideas to the project.

It took us a while to decide on the music for the videos. In the end, we chose the legendary song “She believes in me” (nld. “Zij gelooft in mij”) by brilliant Andre Hazes. His name is known all over the world including Ukraine; therefore, this project is a tribute to his memory. Ukrainians are hard workers and believers. They believe in the Netherlands.

The children, who take part in the project, change every day; they grow, learn new things, master new sides of their talents.

The driving force behind Ukraine is its future — the children, with their energy and creativity. Therefore this project is a gift of Ukraine, its sons and daughters to the Dutch people in gratitude for their support toward our wonderful, European tomorrow.