Promotional video of Ukraine

Kyiv, April 27, 2017.

This is a 30-second video with shots taken in the most picturesque parts of Ukraine. The basis for the song is famous Shakira’s song melody from cartoon “Zootopia”. It is performed by Nastia Bahinska, finalist of the first season of the competition “Voice. Children”.

“The initiator and developer of the video is CFC Consulting, the official information partner of Eurovision Song Contest 2017. The authors of the idea are Olesya Drashkaba and Ivan Tymchenko. The video was shot by the production company Svetofor. Ivan Tymchenko is also the director-cameraman of the video. “Of course, I would like to show more, but we had a strict time limit. So, the creative team decided to show the most significant places,” explained Svitlana Solovyova, representative of the production company Svetofor.

“For me it’s a great experience and responsibility. In general, the shooting is very interesting,” shared her impressions Nastia Bahinska. Last year, Nastia took part in the national selection for the Junior Eurovision, this year she will also participate in it. Besides, Nastia took part in the project “Hop, Netherlands, Hop” – a promotional video dedicated to the referendum in the Netherlands on the ratification of the EU Association agreement with Ukraine.

The soundtrack was recorded by Braty Hadiukiny – Pavlol Krakhmaliov and Ihor Melnychuk. “We responded with great joy to the offer to adapt and record a soundtrack for ‘Come to Ukraine’. It’s nice to feel yourself part of a team of professionals who create a positive image of Ukraine at the European level. Special thanks to megatalented Anastasia Bahinska. We believe that we will hear her name among the winners of different international competitions, including the Eurovision,” they commented.

“Unfortunately, we currently do not have the budget to broadcast the video abroad. We hope that the government will support us, and then not only Internet users but also international TV viewers will see this video. Perhaps we will attract such channels as CNN and BBC Euronews to enable the largest possible number of people to see this video,” noted Gennadiy Kurochka, co-founder of Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Promotional video “Come to Ukraine to celebrate diversity” has been created on the occasion of Eurovision 2017