Boxing and Chess – Ukrainian National Sports!

“Boxing and Chess – Ukrainian National Sports!”, this was a banner that was welcoming and seeing off our guests in front of Boryspil Airport during the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

The banner featured pictures of boxers Volodymyr Klychko, World Champion (2000/2003, 2006/2015), Oleksandr Usyk, Current World Champion (since 2012), Vasyl Lomachenko, Current World Champion (since 2008), and chess players Maria Muzychuk, World Champion (2015/2016), Anna Ushenina, World Champion (2012/2013), and Ruslan Ponomariov, World Champion (2002/2003).

“Just imagine how foreigners are coming to us, and not only for Eurovision… and what do they see? And that’s what they see! They see that the strongest and the smartest people on Earth are Ukrainians! Up until now, they all they have been aware that the prettiest people are Ukrainians, but that’s a different thing emoji-128521 And, of course, we are the most modest people on this planet! emoji-128521 A big thank you goes to all our champions who volunteered to participate in the project,” said Hennadii Kurochka, CFC Consulting Managing Partner and co-founder of Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

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